Ultra High Fidelity Showroom Best Offer Sale Event - April 19th & 20th - 11am to 3pm


Our heavy amps and equipment clearance sale is coming close to the last phase... only a few models left in stock and this will be your last chance to own some very high end auido equipment at a fraction of the market price. No retail mark-up, and even below wholesale price, for very limited quantity. 

Details of the Ultra High Fidlelity Sale Best Offer Event: 

- Date and time: April 19th and 20th, 11am to 3pm. No appointment necessary. 

- Cash / Debit payment and carry-out only. No shipping services offered. Do bring your helpers if you are eyeing on the ultra high end gear - they are very heavy!

- Open for BEST OFFER. Please research the item before you come and make reasonable / respectful offers only. Keep in mind that our online price has been discounted dramatically for clearance. 

- All sale is final with no return, no refund and no exchange. Vacuum tubes in amps will have 30 days warranty. No Grant Fidelity warranty on equipment but schematics will be provided for buyer's future needs. 


Computer Hi-Fi systems ON SALE now!


Fed up with Netfilx movies or your favorite music do not sound good on your computers?

Check out these exquisite miniature desktop High Fidelity items to give your computer system a sound BOOST! Big sale on until limited stock sold out. They are also perfect gifts for people at all age, for placing at desk, in the kitchen or bedroom. 

Visit Sale Event at www.ComputerHiFiSystems.com


New! Psvane TC5 Integrated KT120 Amplifier - Introductory Pricing $1199.00

We are pleased to offer the newest addition by Psvane Audio - TC5 integrated KT120 Amp directly from factory to all North American buyers at special introductory price of $1199 to your door.

Hand wound transformers, point-to-point circuit, aluminum remote, massive 85 watts per channel tube power .... this amp is loaded with high end features but at a fraction of other KT120 amp's price. Do not miss the opportunity - only 25 units available from the first production run.

 TC5 front          

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