2010 California Audio Show

This year is the the first year that California Audio Show is on - organized by Dagogo in San Francisco. Grant Fidelity show room is on the 11th floor - Room 1117, featuring 'factory direct' from Shengya, Jungson and Opera Consonance with all components under $2500. Many show visitors are amazed by the equipment build quality, sound and incredibly affordable price :) 

We featured various systems throughout the show - package price ranging from $2000 (JA88E + DAC-09 + MBS-1), $2700 (DAC-09 + PM150 + MBS-1), $4000 (CD16 + A206 + MBS-1, or LP6.1 + JA88D + MBS-1) to $6000 (CD-1000 + W30GT + RBS-1) by combining sources, amplification and two sets bookshelf speakers in various ways. Sources include vinyl records, Cds and digital music stored laptop hard drive. 

Tube DAC, wireless DAC, solid state CD players, tube CD player, solid state amp, hybrid amp, tube amp are featured at various time of the 3-day show. See full list of the show components below, plus show pictures to remind yourself of what you have seen at our showroom. For those who couldn't make to the show, we shop to see you next year or at the next show (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver). 



List of show components


Component Pictures MSRP Factory Direct Price
Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-09    $300 $225
Consonance Wireless 1.0 DAC    $425 $350
Shengya CD-16 balanced CD player    $1850 $1200
Grant Fidelity CD-1000 Impression II balanced tube CD Player    $3200 $2400
Jungson JA88E integrated amplifier (80wpc Class A/B)    $800 $675
Jungson JA88D(09) integrated amplifier (80wpc class A)    $2300 $1800
Shengya PM150 hybrid monoblocks (150wpc)    $2400 $1600
Shengya A206 integrated amplifier (200wpc)    $2450 $1650
Grant Fidelity W30GT integrated tube amplifier (35wpc)    $2500 $1950
Grant Fidelity MBS-1 Vifa bookshelf speakers   $1150  $950
Grant Fidelity RBS-1 Morel bookshelf speakers    $2200 $1800
Nobility VP-2 magnetic levitation 4-level equipment rack    $1400 $1250
Nobility WMP-1A MKII magnetic levitation single rack    $800 $680
Grant Fidelity RPF-120 MKII Power conditioner    $379 $325
Grant Fidelity PC1.5 Power cord    $185 $149
Grant Fidelity RCA-1 interconnects    $99 $75
Grant Fidelity SPC-2.5 speaker cable    $129 $100