Breaking News: The BIGGEST SALE, Ever.

With great sadness, I am letting all previous and future customers know that Ian Grant, one of the original founders of Grant Fidelity has recently been diagnosed with advanced stage cancer in spine, liver and lungs . Cancer has severely damaged Ian's spine so under doctor's strict instruction, he can no longer handle anything more than 10lbs of weight. Myself as Ian's business partner will be at his side to support him fighting with cancer in the coming time for whatever it takes. Needless to say, this devastating event will result in major changes in the business of Grant Fidelity.

Ian and myself will need to free up time from the business of Grant Fidelity for Ian's cancer treatment immediately. He has made the choice of receiving alternative cancer treatment which will offer better life quality than conventional radiation and chemotherapy. The alternative cancer treatments are not covered by health insurance, hence we will need to raise cash from quick sale of inventory so that Ian can have the best chance possible to win this battle with advanced cancer. 

Below is a summary of the changes of Grant Fidelity: 

First of all, Grant Fidelity is NOT shutting down. We are making changes to meet the new challenges. Ian is NOT giving up on this battle with cancer and neither am I. We both have been working full time on Grant Fidelity for the past years and have enjoyed meeting many wonderful friends through the business. Many of them have expressed their support to us after hearing the news and we couldn't say enough 'thank you' to their kindness. 

The changes at Grant Fidelity will include product line re-structure and reducing physical inventory handling in our Canadian location. The action plan has 2 parts: 

Part 1. All equipment in stock in Calgary, Canada will be on FINAL SALE for clearance as of Dec 1st, 2012. These products will not be re-stocked in Canada and we will work out arrangements with factory for drop shipping from China to future buyers.


  • Price will be discounted from regular sale price and there will be no price matching offered for previous sale given the unexpected circumstance. New in box items will be sold AS-IS but open box to be tested for fully functional before shipping. Used or open box items will be sold with full disclosure of such conditions with each sale  
  • No return, exchange or refund (this is difficult for buyers but this is the ONLY term we can offer at this time).
  • Sale price does NOT include warranty from Grant Fidelity as Ian CANNOT physically provide warranty service at this time. If you need repair, there is list of repair places throughout North America that you can take equipment in for service. We will provide factory schematics to the service place if needed and assist you order parts from factory in China. Stereo equipment is not rocket science - quality repair places should be able to repair any of the equipment that Grant Fidelity have carried and there are many good service places out there. If special parts from factory are required for repair service, I will faciliate to order parts from factory for you at separate cost to you. You will then need to pay the repair technician of your choice directly for their labor work or parts they provide. 
  • If you are not comfortable with the above final sale term, please do not complete an online order. This is the BEST we can do for now and we cannot negotiate the term. 
  • Previous sales concluded before Dec 1st 2012 will have warranty honored as previously agreed. But service will not be provided from Grant Fidelity - instead 3rd party service will be used. 
  • For those who can make to our Calgary, Alberta showroom (located in Airdrie): please book appointment with us 24 hours by email ahead to view floor demos and make your purchase. Some equipment doesn't have original packaging so they are available for local pick up only at special price. 

Part 2. Vacuum Tubes, DAC's and headphones will continue to be sold in normal course of business with regular promotional events when we see fit. Ian can answer emails at his own schedule but please allow us more response time than before. Ian is passionate about vacuum tubes and myself is able to handle the testing / shipping / services along with the tube factory's support. We would appreciate everyone's continuous support on this side of the business so that Ian can have his financial means to receive proper cancer treatment. 

Above are the major changes for the time being. If anything changes, we will update here from time to time. Ian's new journey of fighting with cancer through alternative treatment will be periodically updated at Ian's blog here

I appreciate everyone's support in this difficult time for Ian. I would like to specially express my sincere gratitute to Greg, Dale, Guy and his son Andrew to help me setting up equipment from their busy time schedule. Ian has been looking forward to the new showroom in the past few months and we appreciate their help to make it happen last weekend. 

For online forum that Ian frequently visits and participates to answer product questions, Ian will have to reduce the time he spend on contributing to the online community, instead focusing on researching alternative cancer treatment. For our past valued customers, if you can spare a few seconds to share your product knowledge and experience with someone who has questions about a particular product, we greatly appreciate your help to relieve Ian from those tasks then he can have more time to battle for his life. Ian and I couldn't say enough 'thank you' to you. Myself will be spliting my time between taking care of Ian's needs, plus working on the business to continue bring in cash flow to support his treatment. I may not be able to reply emails / process shipping as fast as before but be rest assured that I will do my absolute best for every customer in the past and in the coming future inspite of all the challenges. 

Thank you all of you again. 


Rachel @ Grant Fidelity