About Us - New!

Grant Fidelity is an incorporated business in the province of Alberta, Canada.  Our headoffice and main administration is in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. We have been in business since 2006.  Grant Fidelity provide high fidelity home audio products to consumers worldwide through partnerships with warehousing facilities in North America and China. 

“High End, Not High Priced”.  No matter if you are an savvy or budding audiophile or just a music lover, Grant Fidelity help you to find you a solution to improve your music listening experience that fits your budget. We help you to access high quality "Made-in-China" and mostly "Designed-by-China" high fidelity audio products. Since 2014, we have added some international brands which are sold only through direct sales. 

About the Chinese audio industry: 

China has been manufacturing high end audio since 1991, by a group of small companies run by audiophiles with strong engineering background and ongoing quest for better sound and music appreciation. In the first decade (1990 to 2000), Chinese audio industry mostly operated behind the scene for international high end audio brands by providing them OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and ODM (original design manufacturing) services without promoting the factory's own brands.

Over the past 20+ years, weak Chinese Hi-Fi companies have been weeded out by competition and only the strong and innovative ones with high standard business ethics remain to today. These strong players include Jungson, Opera-Consonance, Mingda, Cayin, Shengya, Xindak and the new upcoming Psvane etc. Some of these companies have successfully promoted their products under their own brand, such as Opera-Consonance from Beijing; while others have been equally successful under OEM brands. 

Grant Fidelity introduce you to the best Chinese audio - these are not cheap 'made-in-China' low quality products you see in box stores; they are true high quality creation from people with life long passion for high fidelity sound. 


How does Grant Fidelity provide you value? - it's as simple as FACTORY DIRECT. 

With the world's economy changes, wealth shift and logistics efficiency from Asia better than ever before, Grant Fidelity will be your navigator to find the hidden gem in the audio world at FACTORY DIRECT price. Typical imported products go through facotry, importer, distributor, retailer then to consumer's hands. Our products come directly from factory to your door to cut out all the middlemen cost. 

  • - We source product information from Asia for the very best brands and present to you with detailed description 
  • - We provide purchase guide so that you know who-is-who and what-to-buy to best fit your audio needs
  • - We partner with logistics providers in Asia to bring products from factory to your door at the most cost-effective air shipping 
  • - We coordinate with Chinese manufacturer for you to access Factory Warranty if needed
  • - We show you where to find local repair services in North America and order geniue factory parts from China for local repair if needed
  • - We help cusstomer to form community on audio forums and social media to share your experience and passion with others alike
  • - We answer your pre-sale questions prompty in English and monitor your parcel shipping for any abnormalities once order is on the way

'Factroy Direct' drop shipping from China will save you at least 25-35% off typical retail price.

We are your shopping agent to find the audio treasure from China without having to travel to China or speak a word of Chinese. 

Our price = Chinese retail price + International shipping


Grant Fidelity have visited all our Chinese partners more than once in person in the past few years and will continue visiting them to strength our relationship and improve product quality to meet western world customers' needs. 

Please feel free to visit our picture gallery and Chinese Hi-Fi News section, take a virtual tour with us to the Chinese Hi-Fi factories. All of these factories are operating in the highest standard that achievable under Chinese overall economic condition, without using slave or child labors, and with environmental concerns in mind throughout the production process plus offering young ambitious Chinese employees an opportunity to grow their career in high fidelity audio .

All products introduced by Grant Fidelity have been screened by Grant Fidelity for sonic performance, quality consistency and aesthetics so they not only sound great, but also absolutely gorgerous to be placed at home with high Wife-Appreciation-Factor (WAF).

Most importantly, all of these products are within your financial reach without breaking your bank, even in a tough economy. 


Happy Listening. 

Your Grant Fidelity Team 




"new meaning of customer service"

 Received by email from customer Brent T. 

"Rachel .. you give new meaning to the words, customer service!  

 Since I am a solid state kind of guy, and have been for over 15 years now, using tubes is something completely new to me.  But, if there is anybody that could lead me in to "this brave new (old) world in audio", it would be you and Grant Fidelity.

You and Ian run the most dedicated, friendly, knowledgeable, and customer service oriented audio business I have ever known.  And I have known a lot over all that time.
At the moment, I am just getting back into my music, after a long absence. So, the ratio is about 90% home theater/multichannel vs. 10% two-channel stereo.  But, I intend to change all of that in the future with much more time
devoted to two-channel stereo.
So, the idea that tubes can be highly addictive is intriguing to me, Rachel.
I'm so glad that I discovered Grant Fidelity!  You folks are an inspiration to the entire audio industry!
Thank you,
Brent T"


thanks Rachel

I highly recomand Grant Fidelity not only for the quality and pricing of their products ( I bought the MPF-120 power conditioner and the B-283 tube buffer, both are a great addition to my system) but, also, the quality of its services. There was a problem with one unit, this was adressed promptly (Thanks Rachel) and the unit replaced. Buying on the internet can be a daunting experience, not with Grant Fidelity.

Again thank you, with all my gratitude.

Claude Trunzler, California.

A pleasure to deal with Ian and Rachel

I would like to express my gratitude to Ian and Rachel for excellent communication and readiness to address client's problems. I ordered a pair of TJ Full Music 300b SE to be delivered to my place in Moscow, Russia. The deal went smoothly and my tubes were handled over to FedEx for shipment. For some reason FedEx decided to return the parcel after 2-3 days of delivery with a strange explanation that the tube value was higher than permitted by Russian customs. I was immediately offered a refund by Rachel. Nice move. But I wanted to test TJ SE tubes finally and asked to make another shipment with TNT Express. Rachel spent her time in contacting TNT and arranged quick shipment for the 2nd time. TNT was good and the tubes arrived safely. I am very pleased that Grant Fidelity folks communicate with their clients in effective way and always ready to help.

Good job and thank you!

Kirill, Moscow, Russia     

Ian and Rachel are great people to deal with !!!

I purchased an integrated amp about 5 days prior Christmas 2008. Ian and Rachel promptly answered the questions I had prior to purchase. Due to holidays, poor weather and UPS (gotta love them), shipping was taking a long time. Rachel was on the ball at every step - coordinating with their dealer in Seattle. She went above and beyond the normal customer service you receive in this day and age even throwing in some extra tubes for the issues well beyond her control. I received my amp today. It was packed extremely well. I took my time and set it up and double checked the output tube bias. It sounds amazing. Head and shoulders above my mid-level solid state and better than my vintage Marantz 2270. I need to break it in with my current system and will provide my review in the near future. There was another issue unrelated to Grant or their product that was well outside of their control - I can tell you that Rachel and Ian went above and beyond. You just do not get customer service like this in this day and age. There may be a few companies selling similiar products but I doubt any can compete with Grant Fidelity.

Thank you for your support.

Tony Hanback
Jacksonville, Florida

GF has been incredible

I would like to thank Ian for the technical help (I had a ground loop issue) the whole experience at GF has been incredible (thank you Rachel) from sales to setup. It is time to sit down, crank up the volume and feel the grin getting bigger and bigger.

Thank you all at GF. 

It's nice to be treated with respect to my knowledge

After talking with tech. department for some time we found an impass as to what the problem was. 
They did not treat me like an idiot as some tech. people do and after exhausting all normal problems as to cords and inputs , they were more than glad to take it back for exchange because of my impatients reguarding repairs which would have been no problem either for them. 
It's nice to be treated with respect to my knowledge of this area. 
just another post from a very happy customer!! 

Ian was extremely helpful and responsive in helping me

My only glitch has been running the amp at my house that I get some low level high pitched sound which may be connected to my bi-amp setup. Ian was extremely helpful and responsive in helping me troubleshoot and suggest possible solutions. We have since tested the amp and still found it to run dead quiet.

Thanks for the help Ian and for an affordable excellent sounding tube amp!


I'm new to tube gear

I recently purchased an A-534 integrated from Ian, the whole experience couldn't be better. I'm new to tube gear and Ian and Rachel have been very helpful to answer my questions. The amp looks nice and it makes my Totem Mani-2 sing!


Ian has been great to deal with

Ian has been great to deal with. From letting me into his home and showing me his present lineup & future projects, I can tell you he has great confidence in his products and is an incredibly nice person to deal with.