How do we ship?

Did you know? - Most products (except vacuum tubes) directly sold from Grant Fidelity showroom to consumers come with Freight Prepaid by Grant Fidelity?  

Here is how it works: 

When retail customer places an order on Grant Fidelity website, if the product listing shows "FREE shipping", the item will be shipped with freight prepaid by Grant Fidelity - customer just needs to pay for the product price and applicable tax. If a product is later on returned, the prepaid freight will be deducted from refund plus applicable restocking fee. This policy is to ensure there is no abuse of the free shipping priviledge by any individual to only wish to audition a product but without real intention to keep the item. This approach helps to keep our products price affordable to all customers who genuinely interested in our products. 

Shipping FAQ: 


How do we ship our products? 

Orders stocked and shipped from Canada: 

Grant Fidelity has accounts with various shipping companies such as Schenker (formerly Bax Global), FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL, Purolator and Canada Post. Due to our shipping volume, we will receive preferred ground shipping rates from these companies, which in turn will benefit our customers. Grant Fidelity will always choose the most appropriate carrier to ensure all purchased items are shipped safely, economically and timely. 

Unless requested by a customer on a special case and extra charges apply, Grant Fidelity ship all orders stocked in Canada to buyers within Canada and USA by ground transportation. Orders to international destinations outside of North America will be shipped with method agreed by both parties. Shipping rate is quoted at the time of purchase via email. 

Grant Fidelity uses 3 warehousing facilities: China (Hong Kong/Shenzhen), USA (Las Vegas, Nevada) and  Canada (Calgary, Alberta). Depending on each warehouse's stock status for various models, your purchase could be shipped from any of the 3 facilities but you DO NOT PAY EXTRA SHIPPING if the warehouse isn't the closest one to you

Vacuum tubes order shipping: - mostly ship from Hong Kong warehouse

Please refer to our vacuum tube website for detailed shipping information:


Factory Direct shipping: Drop shipping from China to buyers directly

Grant Fidelity is gradually changing our business model to Factory Direct shipping to allow more order fulfillment efficiency and less inventory cost for our customers. Many audio equipment will become available by Factory Direct shipping only in the future. Please refer to each brand's Factory Direct website (accessible from our store links) to review about shipping information. 


Customs Duties and Brokerage Fees: 

If you as buyer receiving shipment from outside of your residence country, there will be customs clearance required for importing and delivering your parcel to your address. 

Sales tax is the buyer's responsibility in the destination country. Grant Fidelity collect sales tax for all orders from Canada. If your order was fulfilled from Hong Kong, sales tax if not collected at time of order then it will be collected at the time of delivery by the courier. It's buyer's responsibility to pay sales tax in your residence country/province and we cannot refund such charges. Please calculate your purchase sales tax (= purchase price x your tax rate) - for Canadian buyers, if the courier has collected more than the sales tax amount in your province, please forward the bill from courier by .pdf file then we will refund the amount above your sales tax to your account. 

Please note that brokerage and duties are non-refundable if you choose to return the products later on. 

You can read more about international shipping customs and brokerage here to learn more about the entire process. 


Buyer is fully responsible for make themselves available for taking delivery: 

Grant Fidelity reserves the right to choose the shipping carrier at our choice and provide a tracking number when it is available to the customers. It's the buyer's (customer) responsibility to make themselves available to sign for the delivery or arrange a family member to sign for delivery. All shipments with value over $100 will require signature upon delivery in order to avoid lost parcels.

If a buyer (customer) asks Grant Fidelity to ship their purchase with no signature required, couriers will simply leave your valuable purchase at your door step upon delivery. Neither the carrier nor Grant Fidelity will be responsible for lost parcels. It's buyer's risk when choosing no signature option. Please consider carefully before making such a request. 

If a parcel is returned back to Grant Fidelity due to no one is available for taking delivery upon parcel arrival, or a buyer fails to communicate with the carrier to make alternative methods to take delivery resulting in a returned parcel, the item returned to Grant Fidelity will be treated as an un-authorized return and we reserve the right to deduct round-way shipping expenses plus re-stocking fees from the buyer's refund. 


How to Track a Shipment? 


For orders shipped from Canada - all by Ground: 

Your tracking number will be updated via Paypal by email to the email address you have provided when making payment. Do check your spam filter of your email account to make sure the notification is not mistakenly filtered as spam. 

For orders shipped from USA - all by Ground: 

Our order fulfillment warehouse in Las Vegas can only provide us the tracking number one day AFTER we instruct them to ship the order. Please allow us at least 1 business day before contacting us for a tracking number. 

For orders shipped from Hong Kong or Factory Direct from China - all by Air: 

Once we instruct our warehouse in Hong Kong or Factory in China to ship your order, the order status in Paypal will be updated to "In process" with tracking number shown as 'TBA - (To be advised upon request)". For extra security precaution, we do not provide a direct upload link for warehouse in China or factory staff to upload the tracking number directly via Paypal. Your order status will stay as 'In progress' once it is instructed for shipping until it arrives to your door. If you need a live tracking number, please contact us after 3 business days of order status changed to 'In process' - we will only have live tracking number then when the export customs clearance is completed in China. 


Tracking instructions for carriers: 


1. Purolator is mostly used for destinations within Canada and USA. We ship by Purolator Ground only. Tracking is at:
2. Canada Post is mostly used for small air parcels worldwide and ground shipping to PO Box or APO/AEO. 

Small Air parcel shipped by Canada Post doesn't have live tracking number as express shipping. To check estimated delivery time for such parcels, please visit link below:

To track an express shipment parcel, please visit:

Please note that Canada Post can only accept a lost parcel claim after 45 days from shipping date. Please file your claim by that time with us if you still haven't received your parcel. 

Postal Service in each country has its own rates for customs clearance - however, such a rate is usually much lower than private carriers. 


3. DHL - Orders fulfilled from our Hong Kong warehouse are sometimes shipped with DHL. 

If you wish to track with DHL directly, use the tracking number obtained from us, input it to the following page:


4. FedEx: Our Las Vegas warehouse ship many orders with FedEx Ground for order destination in USA. Our Hong Kong warehouse usually ship with Fedex Express (air). FedEx can deliver to most USA locations in 2-4 business days. If you receive a tracking number called 'SMO from USA by FedEx' - it means the order will be shipped the same day or 2nd day. FedEx tracking number will only be available next day once the parcel is picked up from the warehouse. 

The live FedEx tracking number is available upon email request. Due to the short delivery transit time, you probably will get the parcel before get the tracking number :) 

Tracking number for orders shipped from Hong Kong or factory direct is available upon request 3 business days after order status changed to 'in process'.


5.  Other shipping methods:We ship orders from our Hong Kong warehouse with many custom courier services besides the above mentioned for specific destination country. 

All these orders, except untraceable shipping methods are used (usually the Postal Service), can be tracked at each carrier's website with the tracking number we provide to you upon request. 

If the tracking number is not activated yet, do not panic as this usually means the order has been shipped with others in bulk to the destination country first, then it will be assigned an individual tracking number for you trace it within your country. 

6. Due to the high volume of orders we process each day, please kindly allow 3 business days to track your parcel after you receive the tracking number from us. A tracking number sometimes is generated when shipping instructions are sent to the warehouse, who needs a day or two to get your order ready for courier pick up. Once the parcel is picked up, the tracking number will be activated. 

Thank you.