Return Policy

Online / Phone order Return & Refund Policy

The following policies are standard terms, similar to those at many other online businesess and brick-and-mortar retail stores when they receive orders over the phone or internet. We try our best to make your purchase experience with Grant Fidelity easy, fast and beneficial to both parties.

The following return shipping instructions apply to both warranty returns and non-warranty service returns.

Please fill out the Return Merchandise Authorization form for your return. This is a must-have for returning a product to Grant Fidelity. 

1) Our no-retail-mark-up pricing model allows our customers to enjoy high end audio equipment at wholesale price. To make such pricing possible to everyone, all sales are final with no returns once the item is shipped. We do have factory warranty in place for defective items. Please read our warranty policy before placing your order.

In special cases, if a return is special authorized by Grant Fidelity BEFORE purchase, such return within 30 days of purchase will be subject to re-stocking fee equal to 15% of the initial purchase price before tax and shipping charges. There is no return or exchange on vacuum tubes unless it is covered by warranty or specially authorized by Grant Fidelity. There is no return for 'on sale' item.

There is active used high end audio market online - such as AudiogoN or CanuckAudioMart. If buyer feels their purchase doesn't meet their needs, please feel free to resale your purchase online privately. Due to our no-retail-mark-up pricing, a 'like new' unit can often be sold with only 10% discount quickly.  

2) Customer is responsible for return shipping freight and brokerage fees, if applicable, with adequate insurance coverage for all returned products. Product must be packed with original packaging materials in "as new" condition. All manuals and accessories are to be returned together with the product. All promotional items, gifts, buy-one-get-one-free items shall be returned too.  If an item is returned not in 'as new' condition or missing accessories, a minimum 15% value will be assessed for the damages and such an amount will be deducted from the refund.

3) International return from outside of Canada must be shipped via Postal Service by following our return instructions provided. We are not able clear customs for returned goods with couriers such as UPS or Fedex unless sender has agreed to ship the item to us with 'duty and tariff paid by sender'. Otherwise parcel will be returned back to sender once it reaches Canada border. Please correctly declare the return item on your shipping documents (not on the box) as "Returned Goods" and get a return authorization from GrantFidelity before shipping. Failing to follow such a policy will result in Canadian re-import duties and taxes, which will be in turn deducted from the original purchase price when we process your refund. Grant Fidelity will not accept returned shipments without our authorization. 

See a sample of the USPS Customs Declaration Form 

4) All refund is processed in 72 hours after the returned item is received by Grant Fidelity and examined for damages.

5) Initial shipping charges to customer's address prepaid by Grant Fidelity will be deducted from the refund amount. Please note many products sold by Grant Fidelity comes with freight prepaid when you initially purchased them online or over the phone so the freight charges during checkout is shown as zero. Actual freight charges will vary greatly by destination and will be deducted from your payment when a product is returned. This usually equals to the postage you have paid for sending the product back to us.

Insurance (usually 1% of the purchase amount) on initial shipping is non-refundable when a product is returned.

Grant Fidelity will waive our right to charge back the prepaid freight if a customer decides to permanently keep a purchased item after 30 days from purchase date. In this case, customers will receive free shipping on their purchase.

5) By placing a purchase order with Grant Fidelity either over the phone orthrough our webstore, a customer is expressing his/her agreement to the above terms and conditions and accept our warranty and shipping policy.

6) If you need to return a product to Grant Fidelity for warranty service, please follow the above instructions as well - especially please ship all accessories with the main unit so that we can service you promptly.

As of May 1st, 2014, Grant Fidelity no longer offers audition service from our Calgary/Airdrie showroom location. Our location in Canada now is strictly a shipping / receiving location for online orders but local buyers may make appointment to pick up from us if the item is stocked in Canada. 


Thank you for your business. We look forward to solving all return issues in a fair manner to both parties and continue servicing your future audio needs.