How do we sell tubes?

Grant Fidelity only sell Made-in-China tubes, unlike many online tube sellers who carry a wide range of tubes from manfacturers all over the world. 

Why do we only sell Made-in-China tubes? 

  • China is our expertise. We know the suppliers in person by annual visits and we only source from manufacturer directly. We prefer to use our expertise to offer consumer benefits than become another 'me-too' audio distributor. 
  • Chinese tubes have a high value for dollar ratio. For example, Shuguang has been in tube manufacturing business since 1958 but their tubes are largely undervalued due to lack of distribution strategy in the past, which also caused many sub-grade products flow into North American market via Internet sellers who are not familier with the Chinese supply chain and preassumed that all products from Shuguang are of same grade of quality. 
  • We don't sell NOS tubes because the best place for a tube lover to find bargain on NOS tubes is the mighty Internet. Adding a professional audio distribution business in the chain will just make the NOS tubes more expensive. 
  • Another reason that we don't sell NOS tubes is there is no warranty for NOS tubes whatsoever. Grant Fidelity is all about "peace-of-mind" warranty for products we sell.

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