Opera-Consonance T988/1288 tonearm (9" - MSRP US$695.00, 12" - MSRP US$795.00)


The Opera-Consonance T988/T1288 tonearms are Opera's lastest design in 2009. It is designed to make high end turntables affordable to mid-sized budget but without compromising much on sound quality. It is intended to replace the previous ST100 tonearm (US$750) with oil damping feature from the flagship ST600 (US$1800) tonearm. 

T988 is of 9" length while T1288 is of 12" length. 

With the oil damped pivot the T988/T1288 arm can accept almost all types of MM and MC cartridges with no difficulty, heavy or light cartridges without any any problem. This arm is not only affordable, but also request a low set up time so that you can enjoy it quickly after purchasing. 

Benefit of single point unipivot (by Todd Whitesel - reviewer at Audio Video Revolution): 

"The uni-pivot T988 is a 9-inch arm composed of carbon fiber, a popular choice for arm tubes as the material is lightweight, very strong and helps reduce vibrations. Uni-pivot tonearms can be intimidating at first. Such arms pivot freely on a bearing at just one contact point. There's nothing to keep the arm from moving – in space – from side to side or up and down. From an audio standpoint, uni-pivot arms are favorable because that single contact point minimizes bearing friction and tracking force variations as a cartridge and stylus navigate a record's walls and valleys. The result is greater dynamics and more natural and musical playback. The T988 is also versatile: the oil-damped pivot makes it possible to use moving coil and moving magnet cartridges of varying weights. " Read his full review of T988 and LP6.1 turntable combo here. 


Feature List of the T988/T1288 tonearm: 

  • Single rounded point unipivot bearing
  • Carbon fibre arm tube
  • Oil damping and low mass, excellent for MC cartridges.
  • Separate adjustments for VTA and Azimuth
  • Easy anti-skating adjustment

Technical Specifications:

  • Mounting distance arm base 214mm (9") / 290mm (12")
  • Tonearm length 9'' /12'' Carbon Fibre Arm tube
  • Overhang 16mm/16mm
  • Offset 23 degree (9") /22 degree (12")
  • Cartridge weight 4-22g (9") /3-15g (12")
  • Downforce range 10-35mN (9") /10-35mN (12")
  • Weight(without counterweight) 40g/45.4g
  • Counterweight 85g/93.6g


To purchase T1288 (12") arm please add US$100.00 to the price of T988 = US$795.00

To purchase an extra 12" shaft for T988 arm, please add US$210 to the price of T988 = US$905.00



UK magazine Hi-Fi World has reviewed the T988 and gave it a 5-star verdict for the arm's spatiality, tonality, bass, build and versatility. The reviewer heartily recommended it! Read full review HERE



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