2010 Montreal show

This time at Montreal show, Grant Fidelity featured China's premier manufacturer Shengya under Factory Direct distribution model. Needless to say, visitors are pleasantly surprised by the gear quality and price, plus the sound they deliver. By the end of the 3rd day, about 75% of the show floor demo have been spoken for. We figure 'decent sound + fantastic price = what today's consumers want'. 

At the show, we also featured the to-be-launched All-in-one Grant Fidelity W30GT integrated tube amp and Shuguang's new Treasure EL34 integrated amp. On the analog front, Opera Consonance's LP6.1 at $1000 price tag (carbon fiber oil damping tonearm included) is a show winner. 

Grant Fidelity has received "Best Buy of the Show" award from Magazine Audio from Quebec, Canada. 

Stereophile show report comment on the 'room treatment' and our 'Nothing over $2500' campaign: 

http://blog.stereophile.com/ssi2010//index1.html (page 2) 

Stereophile show report comment on our 'Factory Direct' distribution model: 


Soundsage show report comment on Grant Fidelity W30GT amplifier (to be launched soon): 


Magazine Audio has listed Grant Fidelity as 'Best Buy of the Show' at the 2010 SSI: 

http://www.magazine-audio.com/2010/ssi-2010-part-6/ (half way down from the page)

Enjoythemusic.com came by for an after hours listen, find out how our customers thank us :)