TJ Full Music 12AX7 Gold Pin Box Plate Tube (pair) - MSRP US$110.00/pair

Out of stock and discontinued. Please check out the new Shuguang Psvane 12AX7-T as replacement.

Unique box plate design, gold pin, absolute high end 12AX7 tube you can find on the market, compete head-to-head with Telefunken ECC83 and Mullard CV4004.


Publisher Jeff Dorgay says: " This tube showed an improvement across the board.  Dynamics were increased, with extension at both ends of the frequency scale, without any harshness."..."with the TJ 12AX7, the (MartinLogan CLX) horns jumped out of the speaker plane and were right in front of me, with the image having much more front to back dimensionality."

Read full review HERE.  

Standard warranty of 30 days from Grant Fidelity included in the listing price. Optional 12 months warranty for $10 extra per tube. Full specifications at the following link:


TJ Full Music 12AX7 Gold Pin

TJ Full Music are AMAZING value. Their tubes and worth every cent. They are not cheap but still cheaper than very good NOS tubes while sounding as good.

Do not compare them to cheapo Chinese or Russian, that does not make any sense.

Bought these tubes for my hybrid Vincent sv236mk after reading many good reviews. My system consists of Sonus Faber Grand Piano floorstanders, Vincent hybrid tube 236MK integrated, Naim CD5X with chord cobra interconnect, silver premium speaker cables with Atlas bananas. After swapping tubes in my Vincent one thing I immediately noticed was even more open mid range making vocals truly 3D, bass became more well defined and articulated adding music power. Highs went off slightly but more details emerged in the depth. Sound stage clearly improved, became blacker with better separation of instruments. Still, the system retained live sound character thanks god not becoming overly analytical. Even my wife who watches my hifi madness sceptically told she could hear the difference. All that I could hear just after couple of hours of swapping tubes, so I am looking forward to hear further improvements when tubes get proper burn. I had already great sounding system but these tubes made it sound nearly impossible ... when close my eyes and I am on stage with the band, so good this is.

I have to admit, China quality becomes a REAL quality, forget old days.

TJ Full Music 12ax7


bought a pair of these to replace a pair of long plate ribbed telefunkin tubes in my Jolida cd100. The tele were good but i thought i sometimes haerd a hard and grainy sound and began thinking they may be getting towards the end of their life for critical listening. So I checked these out and deceided to replace the 12ax7 and a pair of 12au7 for my moded forplayII preamp. The 12au7 replaced a pair of mullards which sounded good but I wanted matched brand throughout this audio chain. 

Well i've had the tubes going for about 80 hours when things got unbelievable. The bass espcially the mid bass had more presence and such a realistic tone. I expected vioces to be very good but it more than that its a bit more projected into the room. The highs are as sweet and extended as with the other tube line up so no loss there. The soundstage is as wide but has bit more depth with more space around the instument/performers. Never heard Allison Krauss live like this before so much music on stage with that doboro little front / left and all the other players around. When he wails on that instrument hits the last cords the harmonics reverberating and decaying are just amazing.

Love these tubes.



The 12AX7's are stupendous!!!

 from email:

The 12AX7's are stupendous!!!  The tone is stunning.  Every aspect is stunning and in balance with each other.   Is a 6922 coming out?  If so, sign me up now for the test list.  I have to say the 12AX7's needed about 250 hours to develop.

 I completely agree with

 I completely agree with you. The 12AX7s have a really amazing tone and they are perfect for light usage. The best part is the price of course :) Thanks for the review; enjoyed reading it. Crestron

Comparison to RCA JRC 5751; background-repeat: repeat-x; background-attachment: initial; -webkit-background-clip: initial; -webkit-background-origin: initial; background-color: rgb(92, 112, 153); color: rgb(255, 255, 255); padding-top: 4px; padding-right: 4px; padding-bottom: 4px; padding-left: 4px; background-position: 0% 0%; ">
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MC-275 IV - Full Music 12AX7 and RCA 5751's

I have preferred the sound of RCA JRC 5751 tubes in my 275 amp over all other 12AX7 tube types. I haven't tried all the tubes out there but I have tried the following ones: EH, Sylvania, JJ, and Mullard.

A few days ago I received a set of Full Music 12AX7's that I ordered from Grant Fidelity. After 30 hours of use I did an evaluation of the Full Music tubes and a set of RCA 5751's. Listened to recorded CD's on my laptop (iTunes), FM Radio and Online Radio through my Benchmark HDR. I am using balanced XLR cables between my MC-275 and the HDR. 

I tested the F-M tubes with my precision tube tester before installing them in the amplifier. The F-M tubes measured 66/66 while the RCA's measured 62/62.

To my ears and with my music system, the RCA's and the F-M tubes are very close to each other in sound qualities. The F-M tubes have slightly more bass output than the RCA's but both were outstanding in this area. As for the mid-range, couldn't notice any significant differences, both delivered crystal clear full bodied sound and were silky smooth with male and female vocals. Both delivered exemplary detail in the high frequency spectrum and delivered great macro and micro dynamics. 

Love both tubes. NOS RCA's are getting scarce so I am very pleased that new tubes can equal or better the tubes of the 50's. Although the Full Music tubes are more expensive than many of the other current 12AX7 brands, they are worth every cent because of their outstanding sound quality. 

I also have to qualify my results with these tubes as I do not have state of the art loudspeakers. My speakers are 30 old Rogers Monitor II's but they are very close to Harbeth HL-5's that I have auditioned in my system.

HP Laptop, Benchmark DAC1 HDR, McIntosh MR-71, MC-275 IV, Rogers Monitor II Speakers, Denon AH-D7000 Headphones, Cardas IC's & Canare XLR cables.

Up against Mullard and Tele

They went up against well used Mullard 10M, current production Mullard and well used Teles. 

These tubes brought an all round life to my amp that others have been unable to. It was apparent immediately on the first song as I turned up the volume knob. Across the entire sound spectrum there was more body and more presence to the music. They bring it right out, everything opened right up. With other tube rolls it is often just a part of the sound is obvious or makes a real tangible change. Like the bass was this or the maids were that or the cymbals were.....with these tubes it was the whole thing.



Full Post and thread here:

fantastic midrange and smoooth topend...

Feedback from member Bill: 

original thread here:


 I have only old stock 12ax7’s to compare the TJ full music’s to, this is what I compared them to.

1. Telefunken long plate ribbed halo getter
2. Raytheon Black plate 12AX7A
3. Mullard long plate square getter (1959)

I have others but these are the best of them.

The system that I used to compare them with consisted of a Technics SP-10 with SME 3009 S2 Imp and AT20Sla with approximately 85 hours on an AT20SS stylus. The TA is direct wired to a Petra cable. This goes to an Amber Model 17 preamp and out to an SEP Tube amp built by Redboy. This Tube amp was using some borrowed Amperex 7189’s. The speakers are Econowaves using Stephens Trusonic 15in 150W’s for the bass. The impression I get of the three on my system are as follows

1. Telefunken very detailed and slightly forward sounding with good highs just a little ragged on the top end. Solid midrange and bass, but nothing to write home about.

2. Raytheon is very similar to the Tele with a slightly narrower soundstage and slightly less ragged on the top end and just a bit more detailed. Same mid and bass as the Tele.

3. Mullard has less detail and a warmer mid it is smooth and none of the ragged top end that I could detect on the other two. 

I started out this comparison running some streamed music through my computer to get a feel for the TJ’s and I have to say this was where it showed the most difference. They really made digital music listenable. What I mean is the digital voices had a smoothness and fullness that I could not get with the other three although the Mullard was close.

When I went to vinyl things got a little closer, however the same apparent differences applied the TJ’s just had a fantastic midrange and a smooooth topend. Not quite as detailed as the Raytheon and Tele, but smoother and more detailed than the Mullard. That lush midrange was just fantastic and made vocals stand out. As far as soundstage the Tele had more depth as did the Raytheon, the Mullard had about the same depth but the TJ had the most width and seemed to make the sweet spot wider. The TJ also had a fuller bass than any of the other three.

Overall I really liked the TJ and thought it was the more similar to the Mullard than the other two only better. I will hopefully find myself getting one sometime in the future, because this seems to be a tube a person really should have on hand. I only need one like ehoove. Maybe he and I can split a pair? What do you think Ian?

A big thanks to Ian for letting us test these tubes what a blast.


The bass was solid tight and fast, with upper bass to die for...

 Post from ehoove - member of 


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PostPosted: Fri Aug 28, 2009 8:53 pm    Post subject: TJ Full Music 12ax7 Gold pins Reply with quote

This is an assesment of the TJ Full Music 12AX7 

So I was offered an in system demo of these high end tubes from Ian at , and here are the findings after burn in and listening. 

Wide open sound stage rather deep with very good player placement. Mid range was silky and a tad dark. The bass was solid tight and fast, with upper bass to die for. The top end ..... Silky smooth and very delicate with good attack and pace. The stick hitting the cymbal was there, and the ride was right on. Vocals were very lifelike and believable. Overall a solid if not amazing presentation. At 3 times the price of the Mullard re-issue, it is still a value in my book worth a solid look. This tube will be my new Bellari VP129 Tube. For Now :>) 
Acurus L10-Bellari VP129(Mullard)-Acurus A200,A200X3,Behringer CX2310 X-OVER 
Pro-Ject RM5SEw/Sumiko Blackbird 
Marantz SA8001 SACD 
Magnapan MGIIIa 
AKG K701 Cans 
Vintage-Yamaha CR2040, Philips DVD,Thorens TD160, Polk Monitor 10

Original post is here: (towards bottom of the page)


'nice balanced tube - top to bottom'

By member Jeff: 

 "Nice tube by the way - I used them in the buffer stage of a Jolida JD9 phono pre.  Very nice balanced tube -top to bottom, very pleasing."

"These TJ's just brought my amplifier to a whole other level"

Comments from customer - Paul C. in Calgary: 

"The TJ's brought literially what I concider; another 10% more detail to my CD player, no more emphasis on any particular part of the range but just more detailed.... I'd say the TJs are definately a more neutral & accurate tone...

When I swapped out the EH 12AX7s in my Grant Fidelity A-88 (KT88 based) amplifier, it was a noticable night & day difference. The difference was all for the better! 

These TJ's just brought my amplifier to a whole other level. I thought the EHs were a sufficient pre-amp tube, but wow... no comparison it just isn't. 

Now I've played with 12AX7s in the past, but never with the CD player and not with this particular GF amplifier. 
I've used Mullards, Telefunk, EI, EHs, and a couple RCAs finding that NOS isn't always better. 
However of the bunch, the Mullards & Teles from the early 70's were definately beautiful sounding. Rich tones and just that "musical" presentation. Now these TJ's in the amp not only bring back to "my" ears that richness, but also, like with the Jolida CDP, brings an increased level of detail, allowing for what seems to be more headroom and instrumental separation. 

So while writing this post, I'm grooving away to Norah Jone's Peter Malik's NY CIty album and can only re-empahise that the sound is just rich & well beautiful... "

Original post here:

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