TJ Full Music 300B /n Tube Premium Mesh Plate - MSRP US$285/pair + $40 optional extended warranty

Due to excessive shipping damage occurred on this product, we have no choice but to discontinue it for the time being. We may re-stock it once the shipping issue is resolved. Thank you.

TJ Full Music was established in 1990s by one of the pioneers of Chinese vacuum tube industry. To date, the company is still run by the founder, who is in his 70s and his son who is actively involved in sales and marketing. In the past decade, TJ Full Music 300B tubes has earned solid reputation in the international hi-fi market and has been reviewed by many major hi-fi magazines such as etc..Since last year, TJ Full Music has expanded to 2nd manufacturer facility in Tianjin City, China to manufacture high end gold pin, box plate 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes. Audiophiles who have tried the 12AX7 and 12AU7 commented that they are even superior to the Telefunken ECC83 tube.

Grant Fidelity currently carries 3 models of TJ Fullmusic 300B tubes. They include:
- 300B/n: Premium Mesh Plate
- 300B/C: Carbon Plate
- 300B/SE: Special Edition Carbon Plate

The 300B/n Premium mesh plate 300B tubes are one of TJ Fullmusic's top sellers. They are the most beautiful looking 300B tubes when lighten up and sound exceptionally musical. The mesh plate version is known for its air, openness and smoothness.

TJ Fullmusic has confirmed to us that the dome shape or globe shape tube has exactly the same chacteristics and theorically there is no sonic difference. All our current in-stock tubes are of globe shape.

The print color of the model number on the tube base DOES NOT indicate quality difference - just different production date.

All TJ Fullmusic 300B tubes distributed by Grant Fidelity comes in factory matched pairs, with white ceramic base and gold pin, at no extra charges to customers.

We offer standard 30 days warranty included in listing price, and optional 12 months warranty for $40 per pair directly from Calgary, Canada.


"I have the sound that I have always wanted"

 - by customer Tayfun D. in Turkey: 

"I have a Verdier 300B amp.My old 300 tubes was Valve Art.Now i have Full Music 300B tubes.I can't tell how much i'm happy with my new tubes.Now i have the sound that i've allways wanted.GRAND FIDELITY helped to me so much with my decisious by giving me advise an informing me correctly.Thank you GRAND FIDELITY.Love from TURKIYE."

"I like them better than my EML 300Bs"

 from customer Paul F. 

"Arrived today.  I have to tell you, I like them better than my EML 300Bs."

300B tube listening comparison

A listening comparison of TJ Full Music 300B tubes and Shuguang 300B tubes done by Grant Fidelity can be found in our forum here:

Tubes include: TJ Full Music 300/n mesh plate, TJ Full Music 300B/C carbon plate, TJ Full Music 300B/SE carbon plate special edition, Shuguang 300B-98 clear glass, Shuguang Treasure 'black bottle' 300B-Z. Please feel free to comment further and add your inputs. 

Grant Fidelity


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