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Grant Fidelity at Calgary Blues Fest - a 4-day great party :)

Although Calgary is no where near to be the center of the universe, Calgarians have put on quite a few great music festivals during the year. The 5th Blues Fest is one of them and Grant Fidelity is proudly part of it! Colin James is one of the hits at the fest :). On any given night in Calgary you can see at least 50 live bands and it seems like at least 3/4 of guys and 1/2 of gals here play guitar.



Stereomojo review on Grant Fidelity A-534 upgrade version


Stereomojo has just published a review on Grant Fidelity A-534B SET 300B integrated tube amp - reviewer Mike Peshkin says:" This is one of those pieces of equipment that makes you late for work if you listen before leaving; late to bed if you listen before bedtime; late for lunch if you listen in the mid-day. As I’ve stated, both CDs and LPs sounded marvelous. I kept trying to find SOMETHING I didn’t like about this amp, I failed at the effort.

Played through my efficient Infinity speakers, the bass was shattering, mid-bass made me want to play a lot of big, bassy orchestral music, and (please don’t tell anyone) lots of Rock."

Review link here:

In the Calgary community - Kensington Sun & Salsa Festival 2009

Grant Fidelity are out there to meet interesting people over the summer! :) 

The Calgary Kensington Sun & Salsa is an outdoor festival held each year at inner city of Calgary. About 40,000 enjoyed the sun and tortilla chips with 39 different types of salsa dip together, along with hundreds of vendors. 

Here is the picture proof :) 

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