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New Shuguang Pavane (Psvane) Reference T- series vacuum tubes launched

After launching the 50 year anniversary Treasure series in 2008, Shuguang has been developing new additions to its high end tube line to include large power tubes and small preamp tubes. With venture capital from UK and countless testing by Shuguang's Treasure design team, a new series called "Psvane" (pronounced as 'Pavane' - the brand is created from the inspiration of the 17th century classic music dance) T-series has born in Aug 2010. Now Grant Fidelity is the first and the only distributor authorized to resell the Pavane T-series in North America.

The Pavane T-series now include the following models: 845, 805, 211, 12AX7, 12AU7, 12AT7 and EL84. They are great compliment to the hugely successful Treasure series which includes the common EL34, KT88, KT66, 300B, 2A3 and 6SN7. 

Read full details on the complete Pavane T-series at the link below (click on the logo). 





Shuguang Classic Tube Amplifier series launched!

 Shuguang, the world's largest vacuum tube manufacturer, has finished their tweaking on their line of tube amplifiers - these are the 4th generation but are loaded with the finest current production tubes - the Shuguang Treasure 'black bottle' tubes plus a classic vintage look. No bells and whistles - all money are invested towards sound quality. 


  • The new series are exclusively available through Grant Fidelity 
  • Transformers are custom made for voltage ranging from 105V to 125V
  • All hand wired point to point soldering - very well thought-out layout under the cover
  • Treasure tubes bundled with the amp for great savings

Introductory price at 25% off MSRP for limited time 

2010 California Audio Show

This year is the the first year that California Audio Show is on - organized by Dagogo in San Francisco. Grant Fidelity show room is on the 11th floor - Room 1117, featuring 'factory direct' from Shengya, Jungson and Opera Consonance with all components under $2500. Many show visitors are amazed by the equipment build quality, sound and incredibly affordable price :) 

We played various systems throughout the show - package price ranging from $1700 to $6000, by combining sources, amplification and two sets bookshelf speakers in various ways. Sources include vinyl records, Cds and digital music stored laptop hard drive. 

See full list of the show components below, plus show pictures to remind yourself of what you have seen at our showroom. 

Show report by industry media: 

Stereophile blog writer Jason Victor Serinus:

"When I played a highly refined recording of cello and piano playing mellow chamber fare by Ginastera, the system totally captured the delicacy, beauty, and emotion of the music. Shall I tell you how many systems at the show that cost 10, 20, and 30 times as much failed to reach into the heart of the music they were designed to faithfully reproduce. . ."

Positive Feedback Online editor Dave and Carol Clark:

"Grant Fidelity is truly hi-fi you can afford, and sounds incredible!"

Dagogo's senior reviewer Jack Roberts: 

"Grant Fidelity without a doubt is making some of the best sounding equipment for the money we have seen in the hifi world in a long time. They featured various systems with prices ranging from $2000 to $6000."

Audiogon pictures



Read full component list demonstrated at the show 


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