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Eternally Rest In Peace, My Dearest Ian

I have completed scattering Ian's ashes to the beautiful Canadian west coast Pacific Ocean on Aug 31st, one month after Ian's passing on July 31st, 2014 near Gulf Islands, British Columbia. Although grieving and mourning are still a long way to go, I have somewhat found more peace in my heart by taking the time to remember all the good qualities of Ian and let go of the flaws that we human beings all have in one way or another. For all friends that Ian and I have made through the audio business, the picture below will be yours and mine forever to cherish in memory, knowing Ian's remains are now eternally rest in peace with love from his friends forever in a piece of heaven on earth. Good-Bye Ian, have a safe journey to whatever the universe directs you to in the next dimension. - with love, Rachel.

(The site is marked out with green lines around it in the picture - it is a natural sea birds habitat with tranquil waters, gentle wind and beautiful sunshine.)

ian ash scattering site web picture 09132014

Ian's Memorial Luncheon at Agape Hospice Calgary

agape staff Ian memorial - lorrisa tanya and christine



It's the high time to say a very big 'thank you' for these wonderful women and men at Calgary Agape Hospice. They made Ian's final life journey on this planet not about self-pity, not about regret, but about continuing giving love to people around him in the means he could and learning what true love and caring are about to the last minute of his life. Pictures are some of the wonderful staff at Agape Hospice at Ian's memorial luncheon holding Ian's favorite iced coffee recipe which was created at Agape by me at the resident kitchen. The young lady in the middle holding the recipe is the nurse who cared for Ian during the night that Ian passed away.

agape staff Ian memorial - Aug 11 day staff



My Dearest Ian, Rest In Peace

ian at mall Dec 2013

Update: Ian's cremation was carried out today (Aug 5th, 2014) in Airdrie, Alberta near our business location. We had a small gathering with close friends and family member to witness the cremation commencement. I read my last letter to Ian while his casket was covered with roses and his favorite picture. Good-Bye, My Dearest Ian - rest in peace eternally.

Announcement (July 31, 2014): With indescribable sadness and sorrow, I would like to announce that my dearest Ian Michael Grant passed away peacefully in his sleep at Calgary Agape Hospice at 11pm, July 31st, 2014.  Ian spent over 2 months at hospice and enjoyed the park nearby each day until last Saturday evening. I was with him all the time 24/7 so he was never lonely at hospice. Ian built great friendship with some hospice residences and many hospice staff during his stay at Agape Hospice. This is also a very very special time for me that I will cherish forever.

On the night of Ian's passing, there was loud rolling thunder at 7pm. I believe that was Ian's calling to exit this world - with un-matched deep bass. I am so relieved that Ian now is in heaven with no pain, no cancer and pure love and joy.

I will forever remember Ian's blue eyes and kindness, and will love him in my heart beyond the end of time. No words can describe my sadness now.

In the next while, I will need time to gather myself together again to get on with life forever without Ian. I respectfully ask those who would like to contact me to only use email. I will do my best to keep up with everything during mourning and grieving, but please give me some time to find normality in life again at this saddest time of my life.


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