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Another 32 Bit DSD DAC - Grant Fidelity is now the exclusive Canadian Distributor for Matrix Audio


 Grant Fidelity is continously expanding its offering of the best value Chinese Hi-Fi! The lastest addition is Matrix Audio from China with its flagship Matrix X-Sabre 32 bit DSD DAC, which has created great interst from Head-fi members. For limited time, Canadian buyers can enjoy purchasing Matrix Audio products in Canadian funds at par to US Dollars. Use coupon code "CADPAR" at checkout. 


Yulong Sabre DA8 32bit USB DAC / preamp / headphone amp

 There is no such a thing called 'best' in high fidelity audio, but Yulong Audio from China is constantly pushing the limit. The newest and latest Sabre DA8 offers 32bit USB input and is packed with high end designs and features. Best of all, it is only priced for $1299 with Free shipping. Read full information here



Featured Clearance Item - Legendary LS3/5A Sound

Two versions of LS3/A sound - choose whichever fits your budget and preference for sound at great price! 


Jungson Factory Version $399/pair                 Grant Fideltiy Version $599/pair

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