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It's never too late or too complicated to GIFT

For all audiophiles and music lovers out there, your loved ones might have been hunting for the perfect gift for you for Christmas, but you have already known what you want. However, it's too complicated to explain to your loved ones which electronics gear you want to have, in case they got the wrong color, wrong feature, etc..

We make it simple for your better half! Forward this Gift Certificate link to them - they can simply purchase the Gift Certificate then you redeem at a later time on your desired item. 

The gift certificate is valid on any purchase with Grant Fidelity. It's not refundable but there is no expiry date either.  Use it at any time when you make a purchase with us.    

Grant Fidelity W30GT Amp - now available in 230-240V for outside of North America

This award winning integrated All-in-one W30GT tube amplifier now is also available for customers outside of Canada and USA in 230-240V/50Hz. It is suitable to use in countries with 220V power supply as well. 

Website price includes shipping to most countries in Europe, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Contact to request an invoice if you are ordering from outside of North America. 

32 bit high end DAC is coming - at a very affordable $699 delivered price!


 If you enjoy the absolute high quality digital music, you may want to check out this new offering from Yulong Audio in China. As China's top DAC designer, Yulong has been working on designing this flagship DAC for the past year to maximize the potential of the world's most advanced ESS SABRE32 Reference audio DAC. 

Don't know about Yulong Audio? Check out Head-fi website - there is a thread 48 pages long talking about one of his products D100 (coming soon at Grant Fidelity as well). Sound quality of Yulong? It is that good that Grant Fidelity contracted him to design our new TubeDAC-11 which is flying off the shelf :) 

This asynchronous 32 bit DAC is yours to own for $699 delivered to your door. Other brand 32bit DAC using same chip goes for much much more $$$. Click on pictures to read more details. 


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