Limited Warranty

Below is the warranty policy applicable to all purchases:
1. Audio Equipment: 

2. DAC's:
All DAC's we carry have manufacturers warranty for 1 year parts and labor directly from factories in China. If you do not want to pay to return the item to China for service, Grant Fidelity in Canada will offer 90 days parts and labor warranty from Canada, plus factory parts warranty up to 1 year from purchase date. Please note that buyer has to pay to return the unit to service place and this term is not negotiable.

3. Factory Direct Audio Equipment drop shipped from China:
All drop shipping purchases have manufactures warranty for 1 year parts and labor directly from factories n China. If you choose to have it serviced in your local market instead of paying to shipping it back to China for service, we will provide factory schematics to assist repair service, plus special parts warranty up to 1 year from purchase date. 
Grant Fidelity in Canada no longer provides repair labor service as of Dec 1st, 2012. All factory drop shipping items price level has been adjusted to reflect the above warranty policy. Please note that buyer has to pay to return the unit to factory in China for service and this term is not negotiable. 

Note that your product must have been purchased from Grant Fidelity and we require dated proof of purchase before we can assist you with any warranty service.

Grant Fidelity doesn't service or provide advice to any products purchased from other vendors. Please do NOT contact us if your case falls into this category as we do not have resources to provide such free services. 
Please read the Tube Setup and Maintenance instructions if you own a Grant Fidelity tube amplifier. Most tube amp problems are tube related and can be easily solved by the end-user instead of sending the product back for service. It will save your time and save your money.

The above warranty is subject to the following conditions:

1. Above Grant Fidelity warranty policy is only applicable to the purchase of brand new products directly from Grant Fidelity. Demos, clearance or on-sale item do not qualify for the above warranty.

2. Above Grant Fidelity warranty policy is only applicable to the original owner of the product. Warranty is not transferable to used equipment owner or 2nd owner even if the product is sealed in the original box.

3. Above Grant Fidelity warranty policy is only applicable to purchase within Canada and USA. International customers from outside of North America will not receive free one-way shipping during the first 90 days warranty period.

4. The Warranty is void and inapplicable in the event that

  • The product has been misused, mishandled, abused, or damaged by accident or during shipping or has not been operated as per instructions provided by the product manual (either posted on Grant Fidelity website or in printed materials with the product packaging).
  • The defect is not categorized as manufacturer's defects or has been caused by repair / modification / tampering, accidents, unreasonable use or lack of necessary maintenance.
  • The defect is caused by natural deterioration of wooden parts or surfaces
  • The original serial number has been erased or removed
  • The products have been used for commercial purpose other than home use
  • Consumers swap vacuum tubes which do not have identical specification as the stock tubes, or installing faulty tubes resulting in damages to the vacuum tubes or the equipment itself

4. When shipping a product to Grant Fidelity or designatured warranty service center, customer is responsible for purchasing adequate shipping insurance to cover potential damages or losses in transit.

5. Grant Fidelity and its related manufacturers reserve the right to modify the product design from time to time without obligation to notify previous purchasers. Grant Fidelity also has the absolute right to discontinue a product without notice or obligation to any other party.

6. The above limited warranty is null and void in the event of the original product manufacturer is no longer in business or has discontinued supplying warranty parts or services to Grant Fidelity, or Grant Fidelity has ceased doing business with the original product manufacturer.

7. Exclusive remedy: Any implied warranty related to products purchased from Grant Fidelity shall be limited to the duration of the 1-year limited warranty and Grant Fidelity reserves the right to repair, replace or refund at its sole discretion. Under no circumstances Grant Fidelity is liable for any consequential or incidental damages or losses.

8. Grant Fidelity provides consulation to assist consumer to select a product model to fit their needs - such consulation is solely based on our experience with equipment in our showroom with our own setup; advice given during the consultation is for your reference only, and it is not part of the product warranty. Grant Fidelity has no way to know your audio equipment first hand in your listening room - we can only give you suggestions to our best knowledge. No buyers shall claim warranty against our consulation or taken our product consulation as a product guarantee. High fidelity audio listening is a very subjective matter and opinions / impressions will vary from person to person and from system to system.

According to industry statistics, most electronics if with manufacturer defects will show the defects in the first 90 days of use. Our 1-year factory warranty policy has covered all parts and labor plus even one-way shipping expenses during this critical 90 days period of time.

Special warranty condition on Tube rolling for tube amplifiers: Tube rolling refers the activities that a consumer takes to use another make or model of tubes in place of the original tubes provided with the equipment. Tube rolling is strictly at customers own risk since Grant Fidelity have no way to verify consumer's equipment design or condition. Grant Fidelity only provides comments on the sonic attributes of tube selection from our own experience - this may not apply specifically to your own equipment or your audio system set up. It is up to the customer to ensure that the tubes perform properly in their equipment and to ensure that precautions are made to protect their equipment. Grant Fidelity assumes no responsibility for any damages caused by rolling tubes.

Happy Savings and happy listening!