Grant Fidelity selected as 'Dedicated Worldwide Supplier of Upgrade Tubes for ANKits (ANK)'


It's my privilege and honor to announce that Grant Fidelity has been selected by the highly regarded ANKits (ANK) team as their dedicated worldwide supplier of upgrade tubes for ANK customers. It's a recognition of Grant Fidelity's ongoing efforts to bring 'High End, Not High Priced' audio products to worldwide clients with integrity, honesty and quality.

Grant Fidelity would like to extend our warm welcome to ANKits owners / customers as Preferred Customers of Grant Fidelity (Psvane Tubes' Worldwide Officially Authorized 5A Distributor and the only authorized reseller in North America).

As a Preferred customer, you will not only enjoy the quality that Grant Fidelity / Psvane Tubes represent, but also special discount on your selected purchases. When you are ready to place your order, simply contact Grant Fidelity by email with the ANK model you own, the upgrade tube model number you would like to purchase and quantity to request your preferred pricing invoice.

Grant Fidelity hope that through our product and service, we can enhance your enjoyment of the pleasure of high fidelity audio, especially ANK products.

All our tube orders will be fulfilled from our central tube inventory warehouse in Hong Kong under 'Audio For Less' with the same level of quality as from Canada (we receive inventory in Canada from the same central warehouse in Hong Kong). All warranty is carried out from Canada to worldwide buyers. 

Happy Listening.

Rachel @ Grant Fidelity

Opera Consonance Exhibit at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2014 (Denver, USA)

Opera Audio (Consonance) as an elite high fidelity audio manufacturer, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. They brought in a full range of audio products, ranging from flagship ship CD player, turntables, tube amplifiers to newest digital streamers and DACs, to the 2014 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest held at Denver CO, USA. If you want to see the highest quality of Chinese HiFi represented by Consonance products, drop by our exhibit room 8020 at the Marriott tower this weekend. Myself will be at the exhibit room to help answer any questions you may have. If you are looking to add a piece of gear to your home audio setup, do ask us about show special price - all demo equipment is available for sale at the end of the 3-day audio fest at amazing price. - Rachel @ Grant Fidelity

grantfidelity's RMAF2014 album on Photobucket

Eternally Rest In Peace, My Dearest Ian

I have completed scattering Ian's ashes to the beautiful Canadian west coast Pacific Ocean on Aug 31st, one month after Ian's passing on July 31st, 2014 near Gulf Islands, British Columbia. Although grieving and mourning are still a long way to go, I have somewhat found more peace in my heart by taking the time to remember all the good qualities of Ian and let go of the flaws that we human beings all have in one way or another. For all friends that Ian and I have made through the audio business, the picture below will be yours and mine forever to cherish in memory, knowing Ian's remains are now eternally rest in peace with love from his friends forever in a piece of heaven on earth. Good-Bye Ian, have a safe journey to whatever the universe directs you to in the next dimension. - with love, Rachel.

(The site is marked out with green lines around it in the picture - it is a natural sea birds habitat with tranquil waters, gentle wind and beautiful sunshine.)

ian ash scattering site web picture 09132014

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