Grant Fidelity exhibit at 2015 Montreal Audio Show - Room 1326, March 27-29th


Featuring: Opera Consonance, PureAudioProject, Psvane Audio and much more......

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Psvane Amp & Tubes exhibit at North German HiFi Days - Feb 7-8, Hamburg


Psvane Audio (Psvane TS845 Integrated SET 845 tube amp) will be first time exhibited at the coming North German HiFi show in Hamburg from Feb 7th to 8th, 2015, paired together with PureAudioProject Open Baffle High Efficiency Speakers.

PureAudioProject Trio15TB Speakers receive 'Best of Show' Nomination

TAVES show PAP Trio15 and Psvane amps

The prestige online magazine 'I found your room to be one of the very best in the Show. Accordingly, I am happy to 'award' (how pretentious) your room with a 'Best in Show' designation.' - Tim Smith, show reporter / reviewer of See original show report here:

From hugely popular e-zine whom we toured several Chinese audio factories together with in 2009: 'Finally, after being convinced that this was one of the Best Rooms at the show, I stood up and gave her a big hug of condolence as many others had done over the weekend. ......From the look of the excitement in this room and the support Rachel has drawn around her, coupled with her own strength, determination and expertise, the successful continuation of Grant Fidelity looks very promising.. See original show report here:

From long term audiophile e-zine Positive Feedback Online: 'My next room was one of the most fascinating of the Show. It was the Grant Fidelity Room and it had the Trio15 TB speakers…The sound from these speakers was incredibly airy and effortless while the bass was surprisingly deep and robust. For this level of sound quality I would normally expect to pay five figures, which is why my jaw dropped to the floor when Ze’ev told me that the price is $3500. This speaker easily gets my vote for best speaker value of the Show.”, Malcolm J. Gomes, Positive Feedback Online:

My deepest appreciation and gratitude go to everyone who supported Grant Fidelity during our most difficult times while Ian was ill and to today, to future. I am truly touched by all your kindness, love and generosity.

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