TJ Full Music gold pin 12AX7 reviewed by TONEAudio


Publisher Jeff Dorgay says: " This tube showed an improvement across the board.  Dynamics were increased, with extension at both ends of the frequency scale, without any harshness."..."with the TJ 12AX7, the (MartinLogan CLX) horns jumped out of the speaker plane and were right in front of me, with the image having much more front to back dimensionality."

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SoundStage show report covers Grant Fidelity CD-1000


As part of SoundStage Network, has covered the latest release of Grant Fidelity CD-1000 (Impression II) Tube CD player/headphone amp in their 2009 Montreal Audio Show (Salon Son & Image) report. 

The Grant Fidelity CD-1000 aka "Impression II" is manufactured by China's premier audio producer, Jungson Audio and has just been released to North America via Grant Fidelity. In the reporters' words - "This top-loading model has a tank-like feel and is packed with innovative ideas: separate power transformers and DACs for each channel, and transistor and tube output stages (the tube stage is single-ended; the transistor stage can be balanced or SE). There’s also an onboard headphone amp powered by an EL84 tube! And the CD-1000 doesn’t just look solid -- it weighs 50 pounds". See full show report HERE. 

Stay tuned for professional reviews soon. 

"World Premier" review on Shuguang Treasure 6CA7-Z and KT88-Z has just published its "World Premier" review on Shuguang Treasure series 6CA7-Z and KT-88Z.

Reviewer Nel Ferre says: "Beyond good... these are great!"  "I found that I preferred the Treasure Series 6CA7 to the regular grade Shuguang KT-88 in my system for their extended highs and midrange beauty. I appreciated the Treasure Series' bass texture, but I found myself wishing for more authority. That is where the Treasure KT88's extra bass grunt came into play. I found these to be my favorite of the lot, by a big margin. I found them to be the most balanced of the tubes I have on hand top to bottom, with incredible detail. Dynamics, both micro and macro... check. The Treasure Series KT88 really has it all — just like a Black and Tan. Keep in mind, I am not slighting the Treasure Series 6CA7 — I still preferred them to my usual tubes. This is high praise".

"Shuguang's Treasure Series 6CA7-Z and KT-88Z tubes are both stellar performers. ....While the Treasure Series 6CA7 is the only EL34 type tube that I have ever heard that I could easily live with long term, their KT88s (to my ears and taste) are even better yet. Though I prefer the KT88s both models are very highly recommended". 

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