Shengya A-216 hybrid amp: "extremely well built... sounds incredibly good"


Positive Feedback Online has just published a review on Shengya A-216 hybrid amplifier. Reviewer Kent Johnson says:

"The Shengya A-216 has considerable strengths. It is extremely well built, absolutely quiet, powerful, offers balanced inputs, has sophisticated controls, and is maintenance free. Economically, it eliminates the need for tube replacement—at least for any of us currently alive, uses less electricity than a tube amp, and costs only $1850. And it sounds incredibly good, too." 

"The Shengya A-216 amplifier does come extraordinarily close to offering the best of both worlds—the sonic virtues of an all-tube system with the convenience and strengths of solid state amplification. I could not only live with the A-216, I would enjoy every moment of doing so." 

Read the full review here

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Grant Fidelity's 2008 Awards


Best Product Debut - RITA 880

Positive Feedback Online

Writer's Choice (A-348)

B-283 - Jan. 2008 Issue

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