Grant Fidelity A-534B got exposure with Stereophile on Montreal audio show

On the recently finished Salon Son & Image show in Montreal, we unexpectedly received some exposure from Stereophile on one of the Grant Fidelity tube amp.  

On the left is the picture taken by Stereophile reporter Robert Deutsch and his original post can be read here.

In the pictured setup, the Grant Fidelity A-534 300B SET tube amp has been all geared up with top of the line tubes, including: 

Recitfier tube is the stock Shuguang generic clear glass 5U4G. With all the above mentioned top-of-the-line tubes, A-534 Upgrade Version is priced at US$2,500 compared to original listing price of US$1,979, but you are getting a real 300B champion amp that produces magic sound for many years to come.  

Jungson JA-88E ($800) drives Harbeth HL5 ($5000) and produces magic

It sounds odd to use a $800 solid state amp to drive a pair of $5000 speakers, but hey, audiophiles do all kinds of things that we cannot always rationale :)

Recently Ian Grant of Grant Fidelity had a chance to audition a few amps that Grant Fidelity carries and one pleasant surprise we found is that: the Jungson JA-88E ClassA/B (80wpc) solid state amplifier can drive the famous Harbeth HL5 effortlessly and produces music magic! 

The complete home-made review written by Ian is here:

Jungson JA-88E new stock has also just arrived. It is priced recession-proof at US$800 only and it sounds fantastic! If you are considering to have a new solid state amp without hurting your wallet, look no further than the Jungson JA-88E!

Customer prefers Shuguang Black bottle 300B-Z over re-issue WE-300B

From Robin Waytt, owner of Robyatt Audio (

"The new Shuguang Treasure Series 300B-Z tubes arrived yesterday. These Black bottle carbon coated tubes are kind of unique in appearance, and construction, so I thought I would try them!

I put them in my Tektron switchable 2A3/300B/50 SET integrated, and ran them into the old Altec 604-C's. I must state I have never been a 300B fan , I prefer 2A3's or 45's, however these new tubes could be one of the nicest tubes I have ever heard!!! Incredible detail, with no glare, the traditional 300B, "white" sound is gone, just sweet detail with amazing extension, and air around the instruments!!"

"I compared a loaner pair of engraved base 1930's original Western Electric 300b's, my re-issue Wester Electric 300b's, and a new pair of Grant Fidelity imported Shuhuang Treasury Series carbon coated 300b's. All played in the reference Tektron 300B intergrated using vintage Telefunken AC2 input tubes and NOS Panasonic 274A's rectifiers.

Well first the bad news $3000 does buy you the best 300b ever, the original 300b's have better detail better harmonics and amazing soundstage than the others. However the slight "white" nature of 300b's is still present. Now the good news the Treasure 300b is AMAZING bettering the reissue 300b's by a margin while completly banishing the "white" nature! Fantastic bass, burnished tones and richness in nature characterize this tube. The mid range and vocals are a pure grainless joy. My new SET tube of choice in the Tektron amplifiers-and I DONT LIKE 300b's!!!!"


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