Grant Fidelity RBS-1 "this is the type of speaker you settle-down with..."

   Stereomojo has just published the world's first review on the Grant Fidelity RBS-1 Reference Morel Bookshelf speakers. Reviewer Lorin Elias compared the Grant Fidelity RBS-1 with the well known Usher Be-718 intensively and Grant Fidelity RBS-1 is preferred 2 out of the 3 critial listeners.

"The bass from these monitors is extremely robust, tuneful, and all without bloat or a midbass hump that tries to fool you into thinking that they can do things they cannot. If you are considering these RBS-1’s and comparing them to some similarly priced floorstanders, don’t chose the floorstanders in hopes to get better bass response."

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Canadian magazine UHF covers Grant Fidelity on SSI 2009 show report

Being a Canadian company, first time on a major Canadian audio show, we have attracted some attention from the 27-years-old UHF Magazine. Featured products include: Grant Fidelity A-534 300B SET tube amp and just released Grant Fidelity LS3/5A speakers

"Much smaller was a speaker from Grant Fidelity, based on the famed BBC LS3/5a design (Rogers was the best-known of several manufacturers making this small monitor). It was designed when high efficiency was way down on the list of must-have specs, and at 84 dB it requires a lot of watts to keep it breathing. Even so, the A-534B Grant Fidelity single-ended amplifier.... had little difficulty keeping up. "


Read the full show report by UHF here. show report covers Grant Fidelity

Not too many US media were at the SSI 2009 show in Montreal but some products brought by Grant Fidelity certainly caught the reporter's eyes! In Rick Becker's words - "The Grant Fidelity room was a treasure trove of gems."

Pictures below feature Opera-Consonance Forbidden City LIU turntable and Shuguang Treasure 2A3-Z tube. Both are new addition to us in 2009. 


Read show report here

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