Grant Fidelity Outlet Mall is NOW OPEN!

Why do we have an Outlet Mall? To put it simple - pass on savings to consumers in the tough economy and allow more people to enjoy the music. 

Grant Fidelity Outlet Mall features products that:

  • Sold directly by Grant Fidelity only, without conventional retail mark-up
  • Take average music lover right into high fidelity with outstanding imaging, musicality, dynamics and details
  • Priced equivalent to or even lower than products sold at box stores
  • Sound performance is so much better than box store items that you simply cannot miss it

You can put together a budget high fidelity system from wall out by simply picking out products from the Grant Fidelity outlet mall. Everything is priced from under $100 to under $1500. Enjoy the savings and enjoy the music. 

TJ Full Music gold pin 12AX7 reviewed by TONEAudio


Publisher Jeff Dorgay says: " This tube showed an improvement across the board.  Dynamics were increased, with extension at both ends of the frequency scale, without any harshness."..."with the TJ 12AX7, the (MartinLogan CLX) horns jumped out of the speaker plane and were right in front of me, with the image having much more front to back dimensionality."

Read full review HERE.  

SoundStage show report covers Grant Fidelity CD-1000


As part of SoundStage Network, has covered the latest release of Grant Fidelity CD-1000 (Impression II) Tube CD player/headphone amp in their 2009 Montreal Audio Show (Salon Son & Image) report. 

The Grant Fidelity CD-1000 aka "Impression II" is manufactured by China's premier audio producer, Jungson Audio and has just been released to North America via Grant Fidelity. In the reporters' words - "This top-loading model has a tank-like feel and is packed with innovative ideas: separate power transformers and DACs for each channel, and transistor and tube output stages (the tube stage is single-ended; the transistor stage can be balanced or SE). There’s also an onboard headphone amp powered by an EL84 tube! And the CD-1000 doesn’t just look solid -- it weighs 50 pounds". See full show report HERE. 

Stay tuned for professional reviews soon. 

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