Grant Fidelity becomes North American distributor for Opera-Consonance

Starting Feb 2009, Grant Fidelity has replaced Quest for Sound and UltraViolet Audio to become North American distributor for Opera-Consonance's analog line of products. 

Opera-Consonance is the only high end turntable manufacturer in China with 15 years of history. Designer and owner Mr. Eric Shi Hui Liu's passion to vinyl prompted him to design the very first line of high end turntable in China, probably he is still THE ONLY designer in China on good turntables. (3) models will be introduced first with matching tonearm also designed by Opera-Consonance. Details here.



New! - Shuguang 50-Yr Anniversary Treasure 'black bottle' tubes


These are beautifully made vacuum tubes from Shuguang's 50 years of design expertise. Customers who tried these confirmed that they are truly 'treasure'! Keep your NOS for special occassion and get ready to roll in these tube with Grant Fidelity's one year warranty! 

More tubes to roll in 2009 - TJ Full Music tubes


Announced at RMAF 2008 and following a visit to TJ Full Music in China in Dec 2008, Grant Fidelity has officially become a reseller of the wellknown TJ Fullmusic tubes in both Canada and the US. Current stock includes 300B series, 12AX7 / 12AU7 and 805 / 845 / 211 Series. Competitively priced with optional 12 months peace-of-mind warranty in North America. Check out Vacuum Tubes for more details.

Read the review of TJ 300B/SE by here.


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