Christmas Treat is early! - Factory Clearance Tube Amps at lowest price ever....

 This is a rare opportunity for quality built tube amp go on clearance for unbeatable low price... so you may get your Christmas wish list out now to fulfill one right away! 

Shuguang Audio has re-named to Psvane Audio so the old 'Shuguang' brand tube amps are on clearance from factory - 300B amp for $799! Also some industry wholesalers were wiped out by the economy so the unpaid stock is on clearance too. KT88 amp for $599 and EL34 amp for $499! Do not miss this one and only opportunity to get a great sounding tube amp at a fraction of the price. (note: all amp price includes standard generic tubes only - upgrade black bottle tubes are at extra cost as listed on each product page. - click on each image below to see product details.)



High end Sennheiser headphones now available at Grant Fidelity

To meet the need of head-fi's, Grant Fidelity is now officially a dealer of Sennheiser high end headphones. We have HD650, HD700 and HD800 for audition at our showroom and they are available purchase online by Canadian customers. We do not ship this line of products to USA. Please call1-888-4775379 to place order with conpon code 'SENNHEISER12' to save 10% during 90 days promo. Free shipping in Canada. 


HD650  MSRP C$649                HD700 MSRP C$1199                  HD800 MSRP C$1599

2012 Montreal Audio Show - Grant Fidelity room

Best Buy Show Award from the Quebec publication Magazine-Audio

The 25th annual Salon Son & Image high end audio show in Montreal. Featuring two brands - Consonance by Opera Audio in China, and high end vacuum tubes from Psvane Audio.

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