Yulong D-100 MKII Asynchronous D/A Converter - shipping by March 15th

 Yulong Audio, the premier manufacturer of high end D/A converters and headphone amps from China, has upgraded their best-selling DAC with built-in headphone amp... Click on picture to read more details about this Yulong D100 MKII and get yours with free shipping for only $480! 


Psvane WE300B 1:1 Replica - Extremely Limited Quantity

The waiting for American WE 300B re-issue seems to be endless; now we might have found the answer... Chinese tubemanufacturer Psvane Audio and their behind-the-scene investors have been busy sourcing vacuum tube materials from exactly where Western Electric used to source theirs for making the legendary 300B tubes. Now a 100% 1:1 WE300B Replica tube model has become available from Psvane Audio. Grant Fidelity is the first one to introduce it to North America - Very limited quantity due to the supply of parts is extremely limited. 

Check out details here - introductory price in place now but won't hold long! Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the WE legend. 

Compact WZ-5 Collection Series - "best of the best" Positive Feedback Online Writer's Choice Award 2011

China's premier speaker manufacturer Compact Loudspeaker's flagship model WZ-5 (Collection Series) has won the prestige "Best of the Best" Positive Feedback Online 2011 Writer's Choice Award. 

This pair of beautiful natural walnut wood cabinets 3-way speakers was tuned by ScanSpeak previous Chief Designer in Asia and have been sold exteremely well among Asian audiophiles. It is availabel at $4500 per pair for North American customers. Read full review by senior reviewer Gary Lea at PFO here

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