Psvane T-series Black Bottle 300B, CV181(6SN7) and KT88 launched


After many rounds of testing and improvement over the test runs, Grant Fidelity is now ready to officially launch the Psvane T-series black bottle tubes to the market outside of the Greater China Area. Besides the 9 pin small signal tubes, the new release includes 300B, Kt88 and CV181 (6SN7) as a MKII version of the well-sought after Shuguang Treasure black bottle Z-series. 

'Psvane' is a brand that owned by separate entity from Shuguang. In terms of sound quality, the Treasure series have been confirmed to meet many high end customers' expectations, and the Psvane T-series is a fine tuning version of the Treasure Z-series. They are priced very similarly and if finance allows, we highly recommend customers to start their black bottle collection by owning both.

The Psvane T-series will be sold by Grant Fidelity under the same tight quality control during distribution. You may purchase either GF Grade A best quality grade, or go for the factory Premium grade to keep your budget down.

Check out more details and pricing of these fine tubes at this link

Opera Consonance Re-Enter North American market

One of China's finest high fidelity audio manufacturers - Opera Audio is re-entering North American market in May 2011 with its full line of products under the brand of Consonance - including true analog and linear digital, from tube to solid state and hybrid. This re-enter is done by partnering with its exclusive North American distributor Grant Fidelity covering the market of both USA and Canada. 

Opera Consonance adopts Just-In-Time production method so that their fine products will not need to be priced high for the expensive international distribution inventory holding cost. Consumers will also have an opportunity to order their preferred color for many Consonance products. Average production turnaround time is 2-3 weeks then product will be air shipped to customers' door. No extra shipping charges for air shipping and all services are provided by Grant Fidelity in both USA and Canada. 

Our website will be updated in the next few weeks to include all current models of Opera Consonance products. Stay tuned. 


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