New arrival - Shuguang Tube amps - from small to big, fit all budget

We just got 3 new models from Shuguang - from small to big, fits all budget, all produce beautiful tube sound :) 

  • Left: I-12 integrated tube amp with headphone output, plus MP3 input
  • Middle: I-25 integrated tube amp with MP3 input, loaded with best sounding Treasure EL34 tubes
  • Right: 845T super monoblocks - these giant 845 amps produce 50w SET power, drive all speakers

Click on each picture for more details


Introductory price in place for limited time

2010 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver - New products launch

 This is our 3rd year to exhibit at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and Grant Fidelity's focus maintains as 'High end, Not high priced". Among many exhibitors at the RMAF with a single component that costs over $5K or even $10k, none of the components in Grant Fidelity room is priced over $3200 but with exceptional build quality

Two main lines are featured - Shengya's fully balanced dual mono design tube CD players, tube preamp and power amp; plus Compact's speakers price ranging from $750 to $3200/pair. Solid wood audio furnitures are also featured including multiple level rack with magnetic levitation board and adjustable height stand. Another hidden gem for the show demo system is the Nobility acoustic board sitting behind the main system - everyone can hear the improvement on the sound image when the board is put in place. It could be the next big thing about system improvement at a small price tag ($250/ea)! 

To read details on the show equipment and pricing information, please visit our New Arrival link.  To read show report about Grant Fidelity by media, please visit our show report page

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