NEW Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11 - immediate shipping

 Re-designed from ground up to replace the DAC-09 model. Upgrade throughout, but price is still the best on the market.

24/96kHz USB, 24/192 DAC, Tube output, headphone amp built-in, it's also a pre-amplifier! All of these - only $325! 


Canadian In-Home Audition - Pilot program

New Caps from Psvane Audio - Copper Foil Teflon Film Caps

Grant Fidelity is introducing the first high end capacitors from China - Copper foil and telfon film, compete directly with the top western brands and even high end tube amp manufacturers saying they are 'excellent'! 

600V rating, 0.1uF / 0.22uF / 0.47uF available in pairs. Free shipping worldwide. 
Unlike other brands who offer quantity based stepped pricing, we offer flat price for everyone - you don't have to be an amp manufacturer to enjoy these caps at decent price. If you have soldering skills and willing to take on some DIY project, you can get a pair to bring your amp performance up a big notch!
Click HERE to read further details. Price starting from $99 a pair.  
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