Below is a list of repair services that are recommended on audio forums from their past private dealings on audio repairs.  When you are in need of audio service but choose not to return equipment to the manufacturer in China, you can refer to the information below to help you find a suitable service provider. Please note that Grant Fidelity is NOT associated with and didn't enter into any contracts with any of these private service providers. Please choose wisely with your own research or speaking with them directly. The link below is provided for your reference and convenience only:


Here is a thread on about reputable repair centers in the USA - provided by forum members:

If you know a high end audio repair center in USA who offers great service and great price, please feel free to recommend to us! 




  • Contact: Albert, website:
  • 2909 East 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., Canada V5M 1E6
  • Ph: 604-254-8133, email:


Lawrence P - by appointment only - please contact me for phone number..

Columbus Radio

  • Contact: William Yaworski
  • 1151 Sanford St, Winnipeg MB R3E 3A1
  • Ph: 204-775-0435


AudIYo Inc. - great resource for DIY! 

  • Contact: Simon Au
  • 10520 Yonge Street, Unit 35B Suite# 267 Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 3C7
  • Phone: (416) 704-0105
  • Monday to Saturday - 10am - 6pm EST
  • Sunday - closed
  • General Inquiries

Excel Stereo

Centek Electronics Repair


Sam Audio Labs

Cora Repair Service Center 

MG Sound (not a store front, speaker repair only)

  • Contact: Michael  L Gillespie
  • 30 Rue Legault, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC, H9X1Z8
  • Ph: 514-4573991

To find more repair centers in Canada near you, visit this thread on Canuck Audio Mart:

Additional Information: 



For products bearing Grant Fidelity brand: 

Due to Ian's cancer illness, starting Dec 1, 2012 Grant Fidelity can no longer provide repair services to our product owners at our Canadian location. If you need a product schematic to repair your equipment, please contact us with your purchase receipt to obtain schematics. We appreciate your support to our business in the past but due to this extremely difficult situation, we can no longer provide you repair service or technical support.



For products bearing manufacturer's brand, not Grant Fidelity brand:

If you are the original owner and the equipment was purchased from Grant Fidelity, please send in a copy of your purchase receipt (Paypal payment receipt or credit card payment receipt or bill of sale showing the authorized distributor/dealer's name) when you contact Grant Fidelity for product schematics. Due to Ian's illness, starting Dec 1st, 2012 Grant Fidelity Canadian location can no longer provide on-site repair service or technical support. We will provide you with product schematic for you to use 3rd party repair service provider of your choice.

If you purchased a used unit from a previous Grant Fidelity customer, please contact the previous owner to obtain his/her name or email address used for placing order with Grant Fidelity. We will be able to retrieve the previous sales record to confirm the history of the unit and provide schematics to you as a 2nd owner.

Due to large amount of grey market import from online unauthorized vendors in Asia, Grant Fidelity cannot provide service to an equipment owner if you unfortunately cannot establish the fact that your used equipment was indeed originally purchased from authorized distributor and imported to North America legitimately. This is unfortunate but Grant Fidelity have no resources to service such needs or cater to such pleas to help. Grey market importation greatly damage authorized reseller's investment in marketing the brand so we will not support such importation by providing services to the first or the later owners.

Nowadays used high fidelity audio transactions are mostly happen online through e-commerce sites so you should have either an online payment record to the seller showing their name and address, or a personal pick up cash transaction that allows you to contact the seller again to obtain the unit's history.

If you are considering to purchase a piece of used Chinese equipment, please remember to ask for the previous purchase receipt (black out the price is fine) before you conclude the transaction in order to protect your own interest. If such written information is not available, be sure to negotiate the price on the equipment so that it will cover any potential extra cost you may have to incur when you try to repair the item during your ownership. A grey market imported item will not bear manufacturer warranty, nor will receive any technical support or service from manufacturer's current authorized distributor/reseller under ANY circumstance. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US IF YOUR SITUATION FALLS INTO THIS CATEGORY. IT'S UNFORTUNATELY BUT WE ARE NOT ABLE TO HELP.

Thank you for your understanding.


Grant Fidelity