Announce the big bad news

Today is the day that Ian and I decide to break out the big bad news of his cancer on our business website. It’s not easy to do – most people prefer their health issues stay private. But since our business is related with many people, we feel it’s only fair to have a ‘full disclosure’ so that all customers know the whole picture before they open their wallet.

I couldn’t make it more clear – Ian is NOT dying. Ian is NOT giving up. For those who have seen him on audio forums, you know he is not the type who gives up easily. On this life and death issue, he is NOT giving up. The cancer news is a shock? Yes, a big shock to him and myself. I said this is God’s loudest signal to him for how he takes care of his body all the past years. He finally agreed that God kicks his rear hard this time, really really hard that he cannot ignore it anymore.

Ian is someone who can turn negative to positive if he puts his mind to it. I am here with him for the whole journey of fighting with cancer. If you have (had) family member who was / is battling with cancer, I hope we all gain strength from each other.


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