How to determine resale value of your purchase with Grant Fidelity

Unlike other vendors who sell products at a price with retail mark-up included, Grant Fidelity sell products WITHOUT retail mark-up. So, when you plan to resell your original purchase, make sure to ask for a fair market value without leaving money on the table :)

A typical consumer electronics product has about 35-40% mark up from wholesale to retail. Many individuals resell their retail purchase at 35-40% off the purchase price and consider that’s a fair market value after certain number of years of usage. If you look up online for high fidelity audio used price, you will find this 35-40% discount is quite common among used equipment sale.

When you did your purchase with Grant Fidelity, you have saved about 25-30% right there and then (the difference to 35-40% is to cover retail customer service etc.) because we have removed  the retail mark-up from the price.

When you resell your Grant Fidelity purchase, we suggest the following depreciation value for you to determine your asking price:

1st month to 1st year: 10-15% off purchase price assuming condition is ‘near mint’

2nd year: 15-25% off purchase price based on condition

3rd year: 25-40% off purchase price based on condition

after 3 years – 50% off purchase price

Some products will hold value better than others over time. For example, a well built amplifier will hold its value better than digital products due to the quick change of digital technology. Speakers may show more wear and tear over time than amplifiers due to handling / minor scratches on the wood finish. Please take this into account when price your used item.

We hope you enjoy your initial purchase with Grant Fidelity, also enjoy the money-back when you resell your item.

In summary, a purchase with Grant Fidelity actually holds value for your money better over time than a conventional retail purchase. Your initial investment at the time of purchase was mostly made towards the equipment, not distribution markup, so the buyer of your used item will pay more of your investment back to you when they take over the ownership of your item.

Do NOT list your used item for 50% off purchase price if it was bought from Grant Fidelity! :) You have underestimated the value of your item by a great deal!

Don’t forget: Products sold by Grant Fidelity are all from top tier Hi-Fi manufacturers from China with real factory support and Grant Fidelity service right in North America. This contributes to the value of your item when it goes for sale too, even if warranty is not┬átransferable.

Good luck with reselling and we hope to service you again when you make your new purchase.

Rachel @ Grant Fidelity


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