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We are coming up to our 6th birthday. You may have read some of my posts on the audio forums, which when moderated well I enjoy posting in. Here I will discuss things audio as related to Grant Fidelity and how Grant Fidelity has managed to make high-end audio truly affordable. I hope to provide useful tips and tweaks to further your enjoyment of music and music reproduction systems.

My passion is systems, ‘from the wall plug out’ as I often say. I love putting together systems that sing and draw you into the performance and especially love then pricing the system in a way that makes you scratch your head, leading to another saying of mine, ‘a no brainer’ :) Another thing I like to do is the Frugalphile tweak, sometime zero cost can lead to a fantastic improvement in your listening pleasure. I also get excited about great gear that comes in under $1k, if it costs more it better sound amazing, the under $1k gear that sounds amazing is a lot more difficult to do, we do it well.

I will be writing here as time permits, so please check back often, there will be ‘promo words’ thrown in as an enticement :) ¬†Grant Fidelity is all about having fun and enjoying music, I will be chatting about music too. Please feel free to leave comments and say hi here.



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