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Computer Hi-Fi systems ON SALE now!


Fed up with Netfilx movies or your favorite music do not sound good on your computers?

Check out these exquisite miniature desktop High Fidelity items to give your computer system a sound BOOST! Big sale on until limited stock sold out. They are also perfect gifts for people at all age, for placing at desk, in the kitchen or bedroom. 

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New! Psvane TC5 Integrated KT120 Amplifier

We are pleased to offer the newest addition by Psvane Audio - TC5 integrated KT120 Amp directly from factory to all North American buyers

Hand wound transformers, point-to-point circuit, aluminum remote, massive 85 watts per channel tube power .... this amp is loaded with high end features but at a fraction of other KT120 amp's price. Do not miss the opportunity - introductory price only limits to first production run.

 TC5 front          

Another 32 Bit DSD DAC - Grant Fidelity is now the exclusive Canadian Distributor for Matrix Audio


 Grant Fidelity is continously expanding its offering of the best value Chinese Hi-Fi! The lastest addition is Matrix Audio from China with its flagship Matrix X-Sabre 32 bit DSD DAC, which has created great interst from Head-fi members. For limited time, Canadian buyers can enjoy purchasing Matrix Audio products in Canadian funds at par to US Dollars. Use coupon code "CADPAR" at checkout. 


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