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32 bit high end DAC is coming - at a very affordable $699 delivered price!


 If you enjoy the absolute high quality digital music, you may want to check out this new offering from Yulong Audio in China. As China's top DAC designer, Yulong has been working on designing this flagship DAC for the past year to maximize the potential of the world's most advanced ESS SABRE32 Reference audio DAC. 

Don't know about Yulong Audio? Check out Head-fi website - there is a thread 48 pages long talking about one of his products D100 (coming soon at Grant Fidelity as well). Sound quality of Yulong? It is that good that Grant Fidelity contracted him to design our new TubeDAC-11 which is flying off the shelf :) 

This asynchronous 32 bit DAC is yours to own for $699 delivered to your door. Other brand 32bit DAC using same chip goes for much much more $$$. Click on pictures to read more details. 


New Arrival - 24/96 USB to SPDIF Converter


For $99 (free shipping offered), you can have this high res 24/96 USB to SPDIF converter to impress your computer audio friends, and bring your computer audio system up a big step. 

The one complaint of USB Audio is the internal timing clock of your computer that can reduce the beauty of your music library, also a lot of USB DAC's don't do hi-res 24b/96k music files. The Opera Consonance Box 1.1 is a very affordable upgrade!

Read more information and order here. It is also a perfect gift item for the upcoming holiday season!




NEW Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11 - immediate shipping

 Re-designed from ground up to replace the DAC-09 model. Upgrade throughout, but price is still the best on the market.

24/96kHz USB, 24/192 DAC, Tube output, headphone amp built-in, it's also a pre-amplifier! All of these - only $325! 


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